Called out into the waters..

Oh hey there!  Well, I decided to start blogging again after a LONG break.  I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to keep blogging at my old domain or create an entire new one, but so much has changed since then that I felt like I needed to start entirely new.  It was good to step back and re evaluate why I blog and what I desire to reflect, not to mention that most of my hours on the computer these days are spent doing school work!  I’ve been praying about starting back for a while and had no clue what that would look like, but on my drive home from Liberty University yesterday I felt like I was going to explode to blog!


.A quick update: I started graduate school for Christian Counseling in August of 2012 and have a little less than a year left.  God has truly absolutely blown my mind with how His plans have unraveled, even when I doubted how they would turn out.  He truly stays who HE is in every single season, never changing even if our circumstances are.  The past few seasons have not been easy as I feel like 50% of my life is behind a computer and in my textbooks, but I am learning to trust deeper in each season, knowing that He is equipping and shaping who I am, because Lord knows I NEED IT.  Anyway, community is still forming here in Greenville and I am excited as the Lord pieces it together.  I moved here a year ago with an “idea” in my head of how things would go (HA, when will I ever learn to stop doing that!) and God has completely turned that upside down and again, blowing my mind. Also being so sharpened by a relationship with one hot and godly man, which has TRULY blown my mind that God has gifted this to me.. But again, that aint always easy!  Being in a godly relationship can be like facing a mirror of your own sin ..and I mean, I thought I knew everything about how to be the girl from Captivating until I actually had to practice it?! Ha, okay, that was a joke! But I have so much to learn when it comes to that and desire to grow in it.. and thankful to be in a situation where I am forced to!

Before I left for Liberty, I was feeling tired and weary from school and this season. I so desired the two weeks away would be an intimacy builder with me and the Lord, where I would be in an unknown place and doing things outside of my comfort zone He knew my heart needed to be refreshed and IT WAS AN AWESOME 2 WEEKS.  And the AWESOME thing is that it was all 100% the Lord who mapped it out that way. While at Liberty, we did actual counseling sessions and I was nervous out of my mind.  It is crazy how God intentionally calls us to do things outside of our ability.  This looks different for everybody, but for me, being a counselor who changes lives and makes a kingdom impact for our Father is WAY WAY outside of my ability.  There is absolutely no way I could ever do that alone.  I am a broken human being with insecurities and fears that try to hold me back most times.  However, God doesn’t call us to sit in our insecurities and fears, He calls us to get out and battle.    Think about Gideon with his army, God reduced his army from 3,000 to 300. (OK If I were Gideon I would be like COME ON GOD DON’T YOU THINK WE NEED THAT EXTRA 2,700?!) But God did not allow that, because when the battle was won, they would KNOW that it was our sweet FATHER who displayed HIS power to His people! That applies to our lives so directly today.  He calls us to so many things that look scary and we think “ok, I could absolutely NEVER do that.” And that’s right, we cant, but when we step into His power, we absolutely can.. and we end up in awe and wrecked at our Father’s feet saying “wow, God, that was SO COOL”. I was so blessed by some incredibly godly professors last week that spoke truth about God’s power, and if I am going to be a counselor, I have to wake up ready to draw strength from THE SOURCE and ready to battle.. because this world need soldiers for Christ.  And no, I cannot go into this battle alone or I WILL lose, but my Father uses my weaknesses so that His strength can shine.  And that blows me away.  I don’t think this just applies to counseling, this applies to anywhere God has you at this moment. So, although this looks different for everybody, we ALL have the same powerful God who is ready and willing to BREATHE life into us that day.. Calling us out into the waters, helping us do things that we feel so incapable of, helping us battle through our own insecurities and fears to do His work, and all in that meantime shaping us to look more like Him.  Wow, amazing how He refreshes and revives us with these truths that we have to claim daily.

You don’t have to be held back by fears, insecurities, or things you have been called to that you feel incapable of.  This world is hard, but our God is greater.

Recipe time..

So, I love eating healthy and cooking healthy food. I truly feel my best when I eat healthy, not to mention I kind of grew up like that. I promise once you get in a routine with it, it is easy to keep up.  I am def known as the weird health food girl, but I guess it could be worse.  My roommates used to complain that when I cooked brussel sprouts it stunk up the entire apartment, but they still remained to be my best friends (#thankful). Also, FOOD PREP is a huge way to stay on top of the healthy game, but we can chat about that later.


-1 whole wheat wrap (I use Joseph’s Lavish Wraps and I get them from publix) OR coconut flour wrap (Julian’s Bakery Brand)

-1 tbsp coconut flour

-2 tbsp protein powder (I order mine off of or

-1/2-1 tbsp of dark chocolate cocoa powder

-1 tbsp peanut butter or coconut butter (I get mine at Trader Joes)

-1/4th cup greek yogurt

-unsweetened vanilla almond milk


-optional peanut flour (I order this at

So simple! Just mix up your coconut flour, peanut butter or coconut butter, cocoa powder, 1 tbsp of protein powder and add the milk until it forms a paste.  Put it inside of your wrap and fold it like a poptart.  Then, cook on the skillet until it browns a little on both sides (I also spray both sides with coconut oil spray that I get from TJS) .  After this, add your “glaze”.. which is greek yogurt, stevia, 1 tbsp protein powder, and optional peanut flour mixed together and put on top of the “poptart”.  Finally, stick in the freezer for a little until it hardens up.  Enjoy your healthy pop-tart!


Go in love my friends!